Skin Script rx- Glycolic Cleanser

Skin Script rx- Glycolic Cleanser


Product Description

Packed with antioxidants and nourishing vitamins, Skin Script Rx Glycolic Cleanser purifies the skin, removing excess oil and neutralizing bacteria for a clear, vibrant complexion.  This powerful cleanser gives your skin new life, boosting radiance and promoting long term clarity for a smooth, vibrant complexion that feels and looks beautiful.  

Recommended Skin Types

Skin Script Rx Glycolic Cleanser is recommended for all skin types, tones, and conditions.  It is particularly effective on thick or tough skin in need of exfoliation.


  • Removes excess oil from the surface of the skin and in the pores
  • Promotes a clear complexion with less frequent breakouts
  • Improves cell activity for enhanced production of elastic fibers and faster renewal rates
  • Neutralizes acne-causing bacteria
  • Antioxidants protect the skin from free radical and environmental damage
  • Soothes and cools inflammation while boosting the healing process
  • Balances problematic skin for long term clarity

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